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MohsArt HealthCare provides a myriad of Mohs consultative and analytic business services to clients wanting to build or grow their own Mohs practices and service lines. Our services include a combination of consulting, best practices insights, technical and tactical guidance, market analysis, and reports focused on needs requested by the client.

We begin with Discovery, Think Tank Brain Storming, and Experiential Sharing that has two primary deliverables for our clients:

  1. Massive information sharing and deep learning about what the client really needs help with and then sharing our experiences, thoughts, processes, resources, and potential tool sets to get at the work
  2. Market Analysis. Review of a preliminary Referral Network Market Analysis and defining additional analysis points/tasks. We will be using our proprietary ERP software (KontactIntelligence) to compile service area physician data for the analysis and referral network development. KontactIntelligence, has nearly every physician in the US with an active Medicaid, Medicare, and/or NPI number in our database. These data/records will be made available as part of the Referral Market Analysis to identify and optimize current relationships and new business development opportunities by creating relationships with area physicians not currently on the client’s radar. With this and data on competitors coupled with patient demographics the market analysis will begin to take its shape

Our product and service line capabilities are the backbone of this physician-driven, multi-disciplinary, comprehensive and proven Mohs business model. This work is truly second nature to the leadership of MohsArt as every aspect of what we do has been engrained over many years of designing, building, innovating, and managing the daily operations of a premier Mohs Group. Our approach and philosophy stems from being owners, entrepreneurs, clinicians, and operations professionals with complete accountability for success or failure on a daily basis, our expertise is deep rooted with a clear understanding of what keeps owners and CEO’s awake at night. We believe that the depth and breadth of these experiences and accumulated tools and resources are unique in this space. In addition to the three Principals, Dr. Will Henghold, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Michelle Henghold COO/CFO, and Niels Andersen, President & CEO, insights and support is drawn from team member experts PRN.

Our contention is that the experiences and commitments owners endure when they take on the responsibility for every detailed facet themselves, while learning and managing the complexities of building a state-of-the-art Mohs group, has distinct priceless advantages. We know what mistakes can be made, knowing where the land-mines are, and what corrective actions needed to be taken. We help make sure our partners and clients don’t make those same mistakes. These learned skills have been forged by necessity, pure will power, and daring alacrity over the years. Since the inception of the initial acquisition of a long standing practice ten years ago, the strategic decision was made by leadership to literally learn to do everything internally, initially because it is very difficult to find qualified help, then because it became clear that no one would be more committed to success than ourselves. Management learned how to do it better, faster, cheaper than the alternative. This level of intimate detail can only be obtained by being in the weeds, day in and day out. With this hard earned experience, we will share our knowledge, technical resources, and processes with our clients and partners.

Below is a sample list of topics of discussion and analysis typically covered during a project:

  • Charge and Collection Plan
  • Procedure Codes, Fee schedule, Billing Considerations
  • Market Analysis
    • Competitor
    • Potential Referral Network
    • Demand Analysis
    • Internal Political Considerations
  • Plant & Facility Design and Patient Flow
    • Clinic
    • MOHs
    • Lab
  • Identify Equipment needs and sources
  • Materials and Services needs and sources
  • Identify Staffing needs
  • Support Staff Training
  • IT & Software requirements including Mohs EMR templates
  • Scheduling Model - Unique to Mohs
    • Cases per day
    • Cases per week
  • Lab Set-up
    • Certifications
    • Fee optimization
    • Mohs lab
    • Permanent section lab
  • Physician recruitment & compensation
  • Marketing, Branding, & Public Relations
  • Financial Plan – production, revenue and cost projections
  • Implementation plan
  • Evaluation Plan based on Service, Quality, Growth and Financial performance expectations

What is absolute and indisputable are the following value components the seasoned MohsArt team brings to the project:

  • 10 years of hands-on operations and clinical experience in building the premier Mohs Group in NW Florida
  • Hands-on experience and complete business and financial risk accountability to build a $4.8 million dollar trend setting facility, including EMR, ASC, and permanent section lab, cutting-edge equipment
  • MohsArt brings turn-key solutions to jump start a new Mohs program such as, policies, procedures, EMR templates, billing setup and knowhow, and much more. These resources immediately available to Pinehurst minimizing financial, business, and market share risks
  • 25 years of healthcare business strategy, provider network development and planning, physician recruitment and retention, and the skills invested in creating the industry gold standard in physician recruitment, retention, and provider network business intelligence, KontactIntelligence software platform and database

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Connecting the Art & Science of Skin Cancer Surgery to Business Success.

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Will Henghold, MDChief Medical Officer


Michelle HengholdCOO / CFO


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